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Welcome to SHAUN WARS!

Hello and welcome to Shaun Wars!

I am pumped to launch this site. I have plans to write reviews, talk about Star Wars, create reading guides, and more! STAR WARS has, and always will captivate me. There are so many aspects to STAR WARS that I know there is a spot in this fandom for everyone, no matter their interests. Mine is STAR WARS, all of it.

Besides the movies and TV shows, reading is my favorite way to consume STAR WARS. STAR WARS got me, as an adult, to read more each year. I like to say I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to AGFFA, but even I don't know all the species, planets, ships, or hyperspace lanes. That is why my first project, and main motivation for the site, is a reading guide!. The first guide is for Thrawn, the novel by Timothy Zahn (Thrawn Reading Guide). The reading guide has a blurb or picture about everything that is not of our world. Stormtroopers, electrobinocs, shaaks, and everything in between. My vision is to create a better understanding of the book. I am still working through the book, but the catalyst to finally get started on the project was the podcast Outer Rim Reads. The podcast is doing a chapter by chapter review/conversation about the book. So I figured it would be nice for listeners to see some of the things they were reading about. Check it out if you have read Thrawn.

I started a twitter handle @shaunwars to interact with people of the STAR WARS community and it has been an awesome experience. The thing that amazed me most was the people who create content about STAR WARS. I’m impressed by the creative and thoughtful fans out there. I hope there is room for one more person to put their input into AGFFA.

I hope you enjoy the site and reading guide. I am open to any feedback (positive or negative), comments, questions, or anything.


Shaun Wars