Reading Guides

Why reading guides?

The point of these guides is to help create a fuller, more colorful reading experience of Star Wars. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the Star Wars Universe, but the galaxy is so big, strange, and beautiful that you can’t expect to know everything. Much to learn I still have. There are characters that come from TV shows, books, or movies that you may not know. There are species and planets that are sometimes brand new or sometimes ripped from other parts of the SW galaxy. I wanted to create a reading companion to help myself, and others, be more knowledgeable and create a more accurate picture in my head of what is on the page.

You may be familiar with Wookies, but could you describe a Ortolan???

I made an entry in the book for any character/ship/object that isn't something here on Earth. Some things are also explained in the book, but in order to be as comprehensive as possible I included them. They also serve as reference if you haven't read the book and are looking at the guide.

How to use the reading guide?

I think the best way to use this guide is to read a chapter and then go through the guide. Not sure which model of walker the Empire is using I’ll have a picture. Got your Nemodians and Niktos mixed up? I’ll show you. Forget who Bib Fortuna is (how dare you!!) You’ll find him too! This is to help all of us understand the SW galaxy a bit better and create a fuller picture of characters, places, and events.

If you find something incorrect, not useful, incredibly useful or have any suggestion I am open to any and all feedback. Either tweet @shaunwars or send an email to