Master and Apprentice

In Master and Apprentice, we get to see Qui-Gon Ginn and Obi-Want Kenobi grow to together as master and padawan before The Phantom Menace. We are luck enough to get another AMAZING novel from Claudia Gray. Multiple times

Chapter 1

Ibn Rushd, AKA Averroes- is a very real character in our galaxy. He is known for his philosophy teachings in the Middles Ages. His most famous works are his commentaries on Aristotle's teachings. As far as I know, this is the only epigraph in a Star Wars book to reference someone from our galaxy.

Galactic Republic- The ruling government body over the galaxy at this time.

JEDI KNIGHTS- You don't need to read this to know what a Jedi Knight is. The common name for Jedi around the galaxy. Knight is a rank within the Jedi Order for those who passed the Jedi Trials.

Teth- A jungle-like Hutt controlled planet in Wild Space. You can see Teth in the animated film The Clone Wars.

The Jedi Council- The common name for the Jedi High Council. The Jedi Council is made up of 12 Jedi Masters and is under the leadership of the Grand Master. There are actually three other councils in the Jedi Order- First Knowledge, Reconciliation, and Reassignment.

Qui-Gon Jinn- The man needs no introduction. One of my personal favorite Jedi. As the Jedi Master in this story, we will let these pages tell us all we need to know about this Jedi Knight.

Padawan- Jedi Knights in training. Padawans learn under the tutelage of a Jedi Knight until they are ready to pass the Jedi Trials.

Jedi Code-

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.

Hutts- The Slimy space slugs that run a large crime syndicate in much of the galaxy. In Hutt Space and planets under their control, the Hutt family is the de facto government. Of course, Jabba is one of the most famous Hutts, but there are other Hutts ruling on other planets.

Blaster- The gun of A Galaxy Far, Far Away (AGFFA). Blasters come in all types and are usually shoot energized plasma bolts.

Obi-Wan Kenobi- A padawan from the planet of Stewjon. We will Claudia Gray re-introduce us to the beloved Obi-Wan. Pay attention to the number of times people talk about his hair.

The Force- There are many names and definitions of the Force, depending on the culture that is referencing it. To quote an older version of Obi-Wan- "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."

Lightsaber- "An elegant weapon for a more civilzied age." -Obi-Wan Kenobi

Spice-hookah- Spice a drug in AGFFA. The aptly named pre-spice is mined and then refined into spice. There are multiple variants of spice.

Wanbo the Hutt- The Hutt leader on Teth. Hutt's are slug-like species that lead the Hutt Clan, a crime syndicate. The Hutts are from Nal Hutta and rule over a large territory of space known as Hutt Space.

Huttese- The dominant language in Hutt Space and other planets controlled by the Hutts.

Gamorrean- A pig-like sentient species with green skin. They hail from Hutt Space planet of Gamorr and are frequently employed as security guards by the Hutts.

Kitonak- A sentient species that can only be described accurately by a picture. Pictured is Droopy McCool, who played in the band in Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi.

Trandoshan- A sentient reptilian species from the planet Trandosha. Trandoshans are great hunters. We all know Bossk as the Trandoshan bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back.

Shawda Ubb- A short green-skinned sentient species from an unknown planet. This amphibian-like species had three digits on their hands and could spit poison.

Kloo Horn- A wind instrument played by musicians across the galaxy. It first appeared in A New Hope, where Kirgin D'an played it for the famous cantina song.

Majordomo- A majordomo is a person who handles the business of someone else. They are typically in charge of schedules, events, and workers/servants in a household.

Coruscant- We shall turn to our special correspondent Ric Olié and his simple explanation of the planet. "Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. The entire planet is one big city."- Ric Olié in The Phantom Menace. Thanks, Ric.

Thurible- Exactly how Qui-Gon describes him.

Triellus Trade Route- A hyperspace route that connected multiple planets and intersected other major hyperspace lanes. It was an edge of the Spice Triangle (three routes commonly used by smugglers).

Outer Rim- The galaxy's outmost ring formally named the Outer Rim Territories. These planets typically don't have large populations or major economic sectors. People from the Outer Rim are typically looked down upon in by those located closer to the core of the galaxy.

Chapter 2

Alderaan- A Core World we don't get to see much of since it was destroyed by the Death Star in A New Hope. Oops, Spoiler Warning. Princess Leia's homeworld is known for its mountains, wine, and beautiful landscapes.

Rahara Wick- We will let her story unfold on these pages.

Meryx- Pax's Gozanti-class freighter.

Pax Maripher- Pax is an all-time character full of sass and rude comments. As this is the first story he is mentioned in, we will let his story be told here.

Rodia- An Outer Rim planet known for its swampy environment. It's the homeworld of Rodians.

Rodians- A sentient species with two thick antennae, a small snout, and large ears. They are typically green but can range from yellow to turquoise in color. Han's nemesis Greedo is a well known Rodian. Maclunkey!

Sith- At this point in Galactic History, the Sith are believed to be extinct. Sith is powerful dark side Force wielders.

Spectrometer- Device used for analyzing gems.

Gozanti-class freighters- A common three engine starship that could fulfill a variety of needs. They hosted enough firepower to hold their own but weren't considered to be heavily armed (unless retrofitted, of course).

Protocol Droid- Pretty much majordomos for sentients. They were mostly used for etiquette, especially for beings interacting with different species.

Gamorr- A planet located in Hutt Space. Homeworld to the sentient Gamorrean species.

Gamorrean Coral- Coral found on Gamorr.

Mustafar Fire Diamonds- Rare diamonds forged by the molten environment on Mustafar.

Mustafar- A planet with little landscape and hellish lava fields. To learn how Mustafar became such an insufferable place, check out the VR Vader Immortal series.

Kyber Crystals- A naturally occurring crystal that creates a bond with the Force. Kyber crystals are rare and are under an embargo by the Jedi Order. Many believe kyber has untapped potential, but the Jedi are the only ones who use the crystals for research in fear of exploitation of the sacred gemstone.

Rainhawk-class Shuttle- A Kuat Systems Engineering ship with multiple uses as a transport, cruiser, and shuttle.

Crèche- According to my research, Crèche is the British word for nursery.

Dooku- The illustrious Count Dooku, we know him as the Sith Lord from Attack of the Clones, but we will see him through a different light in this book.

Yoda- Know this Yoda, already you do. For kicks and giggles, here is Yoda's original appearance in The Phantom Menance.

Yoda's old Master before him- We have little evidence of who Yoda's Master was. Fingers crossed, we find out in The High Republic stories coming up.

Mace Windu- Your favorite purple-lightsaber yielding Jedi. Famous for ending parties and not trusting Anakin Skywalker.

Depa Billaba- Member of the Jedi Council and future Master to one Caleb Dume. She is first seen in The Phantom Menace but is a main feature in Marvel's Kanan: The Last Padawan comic series.

Rael Aveross- We will learn more about Rael through this story.

Pijal- Inner Rim planet. Since the majority of the story happens on this planet and its moon, we won't spoil the fun.

Varactyl- Giant reptiles that could be tamed for riding. Native to Utapau. Boga is the beloved varactyl that Obi-Wan rides in Revenge of the Sith.

Ringo Vindan- A Mid Rim planet where a group of humans lived in a space station that encircled the entire planet at its equator. Besides being home to Rael Aveross, the Ringo Vindan space station was the site of an important battle in the Clone Wars, which can be seen in the first, second, and fourth episodes of the sixth season of The Clone Wars.

Utapau- An Outer Rim planet known for its cities inside of sinkholes. It is the homeworld to the Pau'an sentient species.

Iltan Clan- We only know what Rael Says about the Itlan clan.

Grand Hunt- Probably what it sounds like, but the sacred ceremony will be described later in the book.

Fathiers- A four-legged non-sentient species often used by wealthy populations for racing competitions.

Captain Deren- We will let Deren's story be told by Claudia Gray.

Wookiee- The walking carpets of the galaxy. Native to Kashyyyk, these sentient humanoids are covered in long brown fur. They are renowned warriors and loyal friends.

Selbie- This barmaid story will be told here.

Chagrian- Sentient species native to Champala. They were amphibians with two horns, blue-hued skin, and two tentacles that draped from the sides of their heads.

Princess Fanry- Star Wars just has a thing for young queens and princesses. Let me tell you, I am here for it! We will let this strong up and coming leader's story unfold here.

Firefighting Droids- Makes sense to make droids do this type of dangerous work. It could be one of many designs, but the databases don't yield relevant results for firefighter droids.

Halin Azucca- Let's let this enigmatic figure be a mystery for the time being.

Chapter 3

Hyperspace- Hyperspace can be confusing. Technically, hyperspace is a different dimension which you can only reach by traveling at the speed of light.

Theta-class shuttle- A small transport or cargo ship that has seen many variations over the years. The pictured Theta-class shuttle is T-2c as seen in Revenge of the Sith.

3PO- The 3PO-series of protocol droids are produced by Cybot Galactica and serve a wide range of roles such as- translators, etiquette, event planning, and problem-solving. They also have a penchant for unnecessarily listing out odds of success in various situations.

Czerka Corporation- We will learn more about Czerka through this novel. They have appeared in other parts of the galaxy as arms makers.

Leverage- A large starcruiser operated by Czerka Corporation.