Alphabet Squadron Reading Guide

Book by Alexander Freed

Guide by Shaun Wars

Alphabet Squad is the first book in the Alphabet Squad trilogy. The second book, Alphabet Squad: Shadow Fall comes out in June of this year. The official Star Wars YouTube Channel is doing a book club for this book Starting May 1, 2020. This guide is spoiler free, but does assume that you have seen all of the theatrical releases. I read this book a year ago and forgot so much of what happens! It is fun to read through a second time to get myself prepared for the second book coming out this year.

I hope you find this guide useful and interesting. If you notice any errors, have any feedback (positive or negative), or just want to say hello there please reach out to me via email or twitter, see contact page for links.

If you read, the Force is with you!!

Part 1: Elements of Killing Machine

Chapter 1

Nacronis- A planet, location not known. Primary terrain was a marsh/swamp. There were often storms that caused geysers of mud to be blown in the air. Humans inhabited the planet and lived in citadels.

Yrica Quell- Is a former member of Shadow Wing. We will let her story be told be told throughout this book.

Port-side- The left side of ship when looking forward. Although this isn’t specific to Star Wars as someone who struggles with ship/military terminology they will be included in the guide to help get a better understanding of battles.

Repulsors- Short for Repulsorlift. This piece of technology creates a force capable of levitating the object its attached to. Not the same as engines that propel ships forward.

Ion Engines- These are the typical engines that most starships use for sublight flight (slower than lightspeed). Ion engine do exist in our planet and were used on a satellite launched by NASA in 2007. They are emerging technology, but are cool because they use very little fuel.

Tonas- Male human who was a member of Shadow Wing.

Barath- Human member of Shadow Wing.

TIE- TIE fighters are the main starfighter used by the Empire. They come in a wide variety of specialities. Notable attributes are their lack of shields and hyperdrive. The most basic TIE is the TIE/LN (pictured).

Soran Keize- Major 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. We will let his story be told on these pages.

Shana- Human member of Shadow Wing.

Tong- Human member of Shadow Wing.

Particle blasts- Particle blasts are from particle weapons. It is not always clear what type of energy weapons use. Plasma and other energies were often used. Generally, it doesn't matter what type of weapon is firing at you, its best to get out of the way.

204th Imperial Fighter Wing- Often referred to as Shadow Wing. They were a deadly division of the Imperial Navy. We will use this story to learn more about Shadow Wing.

Empire- In reference to the First Galactic Empire which rose out of the ashes of the Republic at the end of the Clone Wars. Ruled by Emperor Palpatine. The Empire was known for genocide, enslavement, and taking away rights of the people. In the Empire humans were regarded above other species. The Empire, and those apart of it, are often referred to as Galactic Empire, Empire, New Order, Imperials, Imps, etc.

Endor- Referring the Battle of Endor.

Imperial Torture Droid- IT-O is a droid created by the Imperial Security Bureau, the spy/law enforcement agency of the Empire. First seen in A New Hope when Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader wanted to know the location of the rebel base and interrogated Princess Leia.

Traitor’s Remorse- A temporary town outside of a rebel case where recent defectors from the Empire were housed.

Duracrete- Concrete in a galaxy far, far away (AGFFA).

New Republic- The newly formed republic after the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Endor. At this time New Republic has defeated the Emperor, but there are still plenty of Star Destroyers and imperial ruled worlds in the galaxy. At the moment, Mon Mothma was appointed the first chancellor. The New Repbulic was often called NR, Republic, and rebels (since the New Republic rose from the Rebel Alliance).

Star Destroyers- The capital ships of the Empire. They housed TIE squadrons and deadly turbolasers. Star Destroyers were previously apart of the Repbulic’s navy, but were of a different class. The Empire had over 25,000 Star Destroyers in its prime.

Bacta- Bacta is a bacteria that promotes regeneration and rapid recovery from injuries. First seen in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke returns to Echo Base after surviving the wampa attack.

GR-75- This is the typical Rebel Alliance transport; sometimes called the Gallofree transport. Also first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back.


Resistance Rank Plaque

Imperial Rank Plaque

Stormtroopers- Stormtroopers were the foot soldiers of the Empire. Clad in all white plastoid armor and their white helmets. A stormtrooper is easily noticed, even here in our galaxy. The stormtrooper pictured is Imperial era, Clone troopers, and First Order stormtroopers look a little different.

Academy ring- The imperial academies were located all over the galaxy. These rings commemorated graduation from said academies. They were probably worn by officers who wished to show off the prestigious academy they went to.

Battle of Endor- The battle where the second Death Star was destroyed and the Emperor was killed. The battle took place over the forest moon of Endor (home to our favorite lil teddy bears, the Ewoks).

Garrick and Iden Versio observing Operation Cinder. To get a fuller picture of Operation Cinder check out the campaign of Battlefront II.

Operation Cinder- The emperor's back up plan if he was killed. The aim of Operation Cinder was to destroy planets by causing natural storms. Some of the planets destroyed, or at least partially damaged were Vardos, Burnin Konn, Candovant, Abednedo, Commenor, and Nacronis.

Candovant- A planet targeted in Operation Cinder. It was later a member of the New Republic.

Commenor- A planet located in the Colonies (between Core Worlds and the Inner Rim).

Senthrodys- A planet targeted by Operation Cinder.

Naboo- Naboo is the homeworld of Senator Admidala, Sheev Palpatine, and Jar Jar Binks. The native inhabitants of Naboo are the Gungans. The Clone Wars were partly incited by a blockade by the Trade Federation. Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala got married on Naboo.

Imperial Special Forces- Military units that were formed to carry out special missions. Inferno Squad, Task Force 99, Imperial Guards, and the Storm Commandos are examples of Imperial Special Forces.

Balosar- A species native to the planet planet in the Core Worlds. A good example of a Balosar is the gentleman who attempted to sell Obi-Wan Kenobi Death Sticks… Hope his time thinking resulted in a better life. And maybe changed his name from Elan Sleazebaggano...

Death Troopers- Death Troopers were an elite group of stormtroopers who wore all black. These highly trained soldiers fell under Imperial Intelligence (this was a military intelligence group, not the same as Imperial Security Bureau which was a law enforcement agency). Their helmets had voice scramblers and they were very good at leaving no trace of their operations.

Caern Adan- We will let this book be the authority on Cearn Adan.

New Republic Intelligence- The successor to the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service. It was the intelligence service of the New Republic. At this time the head of the service was Airen Cracken.

Imperial Intelligence- This is reference to military intelligence, it is not the same as the ISB. This group was in charge of spies and gathering intelligence on the Rebel Alliance and other military threats to the Empire.

Death Star- The Empire’s planet destroying, planet sized, space station. There were two Death Stars; the first was destoryed in the Battle of Yavin and the second, DS-II, was destroyed by the Rebel fleet in the Battle of Endor.

Blacktar Cyst- A planet in the Galaxy. First mentioned in Alexander Freed’s novel Battlefront: Twilight Company where the 61st Mobile Infantry fought on the world.

Mennar-Daye- A planet somewhere in the galaxy.

Hyperlanes- Routes that were deemed safe for hyperspace travel. Called many similar names that are pretty self explanatory.

Mimban- A swamp planet in the Expansion Region. It is first mentioned in Rookies, a 2008 episode of The Clone Wars, and seen in Solo, where Han and Chewie meet. There were many natural resources that mining companies and the Empire were interested in. The sentient species of the planet, of which there were many, were keen to fight any outside attempts to mine their planet. The planet was home to battles in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.

Grand General Loring- We will let his story be told here.

Vader- Darth Vader, Sith Lord. Probably the most recognizable villain of all time. He struck fear into rebels and Imperials a like. The personal killing machine of the Emperor.

Star cruisers- A name for large starships in AGFFA.

Ryll- An ore from Ryloth that could be turned into spice.

Death Sticks- An addictive drug in AGFFA. Created from ingredients on the world Balosar. Most famously offered to Obi-Wan Kenobi in a bar in Attack of the Clones.

Warren- A bunker in Traitor’s Remorse.

Hydrospanner- An often referenced tool in AGFFA.

Plasma grenade- A grenade that used the same type of energy as a blaster bolt. Explosion appeared similar to a blaster bolt than an fiery explosion.

Holoprojector- A device used for transmitting and receiving holomessages or calls. They varied in size, some being small handheld devices up to the size of a whole room.

Chancellor Mothma- Mon Mothma, a female human from Chandrilla. She is a famed founder and leader in the Rebel Alliance. Notoriously peaceful and anti-conflict. She was a Senator in the Republic and appointed the first chancellor of the New Republic.

Huntsman- New Republic starship destroyed by Shadow Wing.

Kalpana- New Republic starship destroyed by Shadow Wing.

Chapter 2

Grinning Moon of Jiruus- A moon that orbits the planet of Jiruus.

Jiruus- A planet in AGFFA. Home to the sentient species Jiruusi.

Sata Neek- A female Ishi Tib from the planet Tibrin.

Sonogari- Male pilot member of Riot Squadron.

Nasi- Female member of Riot Squadron.

Riot Squadron- The story of Riot Squadron is best told on these pages.

Rununja- A female Duros. Leader of Riot Squadron.

Wyl Lark- A human male from the planet Polyneus. Told, his story will be, on these pages.

Duros- Species native the Core Worlds planet Duros. These sentient humanoid species have smooth blue-green skin, red eyes, and lipless mouths. Some Durosi you might know are Cad Bane from The Clone Wars and Shriv Suurgav from Battlefront II.

Hellion’s Dare- A EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate used by the Rebellion.

Hyperwave relay- A communications relay that transmitted hyperwaves, data transmission signals that traveled faster than the speed of light.

Jiruusi- A sentient species native to Jiruus.

Galactic Basic- The language, known in our world as English, that was the standard language among the galaxy, but not spoken by all beings.

Corellian cinnamon- A cinnamon from the planet Corellia.

Mygeeto- A planet that was under siege during the Clone Wars. It is a crystalline planet in the Outer Rim Territories. Known for its cold temperatures. The Lurmen, a lemur like sentient species, are native to the planet.

Thumbsnapper’s Bridge- Not much is known about this bridge.

Theelin- A humanoid, sentient species that native to Mykapo. Theelins were known for their spotted, light pink skin, three horns located on the each side of their head, and had hooved feet. They were a highly artistic species and often had very colorful hair. Fun fact: Andi Guiterez, of The Star Wars Show had a Theelin made in her image named Gooti Terez.

Chass- Chass na Chadic is a Theelin female. Her story will be told here.

Hound Squadron- A squadron of B-wings.

RZ-1 interceptor- The A-wing is an incredibly fast starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance. Its speed made it a challenge to pilot successfully. It was a pretty small ship to keep it fast and thus had no room for an astromech droid.

Fusion reactor- Power source to starships. Can also be found in generators.

Shield- Most starships were equipped with shield generators that projected an energy based shield that would protect it from lasers, bombs, and missiles. There were many different ways to create a deflector shield.

Turbolasers- Powerful laser cannons.

B-wing S-Foils in attack position.

B-wing S-foils in cruising position.

B-wings- Formally called the A/S-01 starfighter, the B-wing is mostly used to destroy larger targets. Their weapons were much heavier than those found on most starfighters. Due to weight of weaponry the B-wing lacked agility and speed which made them easier targets for TIEs. When S-foils were open the ship looked like a cross; when not s-foils not engaged they ship was linear in shape. If needed, the pilot's pod could detach from the rest of the body.

Eyeballs- A fun nickname for TIE fighters.

Bombers- In reference to TIE bombers. A specialized TIE that could deal heavy damage.

Inertial compensators- Device used in ships to protect pilots from the stress of g-forces. More common in starfighters and more maneuverable ships. Also called inertial damper and driven compensator.

Ion trails- Emissions that come from ion engines/drives and sublight engines.

Concussion missile- Deadly missle that used energized proton particles to create an powerful explosion.

Gravity well- The gravity created by large celestial objects in space.

Navicomputer- Computer that calculated hyperlane routes. Fun fact- Harrison Ford colorfully told George Lucas that he created words that impossible to say.

Hyperdrive- The drive of a ship that was needed to get a ship to travel past he speed of light.

Hyperspace- Hyperspace can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. I prefer the simple answers. If you wish there are plenty of scientific explanations about hyperspace. Don't go down that path if you don't want to overwhelm you brain.

Above: U-wing S-foils in attack position.

Below: U-wing S-foils in cruising position.

UT-60D- More simply known as the U-wing. First seen in Rogue One, this was a utilitarian ship that could hold its own in a dogfight, but was also used for troop transport. Like most Rebel ships it has two positions with S-foils for attack mode and a more compact mode that made for quicker travel.

Star Destroyer Pursuer- Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. Home to Shadow Wing.

Manipulators- Limbs that allow a droid to grab things in their environment.

Nath Tensent- A male human pilot. This book will teach us what we need to know about Nath.

DS-1- Formal name for the first Death Star.

Alderaan- Homeworld to princess Leia. Destroyed by the Death Star.

Loyalty officers- Loyalty officers were agents of the Imperial Security Bureau. A sort of internal affairs of the Empire. Their primary objective was to ensure one hundred percent loyalty to the Empire. My favorite loyalty officer, well former loyalty officer, is Sinjir Rath Velus in the Aftermath trilogy by Chuck Wendig.

Kairos- Mysterious female, her story will be told here.

Entropian Hive- Asteroid with a trading post.

Comlink- Similar to a walkie talkie. Used for communication. Pretty much seen in all Star Wars. They take various forms, some are small and handheld, others can be attached to armor. There are even a few that can be worn on the head. Comlinks are audio only.

Plinths- Not a word from AGFFA, but one I didn't know. A plinth is basically a base normally used to display art.

Entropian Hive Trading Council- Controlling group of the Entropian Hive trading post.

Spice- An addictive drug in AGFFA.

Ginruda- A humanoid of unknown species.

Twi’leks- Native species of Ryloth. Humanoids with varying skin colors and two appendages, called lekkus, that fell from their head. Well known Twi-leks are Cham and Hera Syndulla.

Kel Dors- A sentient species of Dorin. They wore masks when in oxygen environments. Plo Koon and Ace Squadron's Bo Keevil were both members of the Kel Dors species.

Devaronians- A sentient humanoid species with two horns (males only) and skin that was either red, purple, or brown. They are native to Devaron, a planet in the Colonies.

Credits- The currency of AGFFA. There are many types of credits. Most are issued from the ruling body of the times, but some planets have their own currencies. It was probably a weird time deciding what currency to use since the Imperial credits most likely lost value due to their recent defeat and the New Republic would not have had time to mint and distribute new credits.

Pyke Syndicate- A cartel that mostly dealt spice around the galaxy. They were headquartered in Oba Diah. Its members were of the Pyke species native to Oba Diah.

Crimson Dawn- A crime syndicate that was known for its lack of forgiveness and driving a hard bargain, even to other gangs. Maul was its leader for a time being.

Carbon-scored- Damaged that resulted from high pressure gasses came into contact with metal. Most often a result of blaster bolts.

BTL Y-wing- A starfighter used for bombing large targets. Nicknamed wishbone by the Rebel pilots. The Y-wing was equipped with two laster canons, two ion cannons, and two proton torpedo launchers. Due to the large payload it was slower than other starfighters. It was equipped to have an astromech droid.

Coaxium- A fuel that powered hyper drives. Highly unstable if unrefined. Also called hyperfuel.

ZH-25 freighter- An earlier model of the ZH-40 Tribune-class freighter that Hondo Ohnaka.

G9 Rigger- The G9 Rigger-class was a light freighter that was used by Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, which also found its way into Hondo Ohnaka's hands. It was popular among smugglers as well.

YT-2400- A YT- series light freighter that was a later production of the YT-1300 (the model of the Millenium Falcon).

Astromech droids- Sometimes called astro droid or mech their primary purpose was repairing starfighters or starships. Many were used to help pilots to make calculations and improve flight. Droids are often modified by their owners to meet specific needs. There are many types of astromech droids ranging from 3 wheeled R-series and the newer BB-series.

Fadime- Female Nikto Pilot in Hound Squadron.

Skitcher- Male pilot in Riot Squadron.

Captain Kreskian- A male Chadra-Fan who was captian of the Hellion's Dare.

Hyperspace probes- Unclear from current databases what model these are exactly, but we can assume they are probes that travel through hyperspace to find their quarry.

Rising Prayer- Unsure what culture/religion this prayer comes from.

Nikto- Humanoid sentient species from the planet Kintan. There are three different subspecies of Nitkto that were more acclimated to different climates. Some subspecies had horns while others had facial fins instead. Niktos could be green, red, or grey. My favorite Nikto is Neeku Vozo from Resistance.

Ishi Tib- Sentient humanoid beings native to the Mid Rim world of Tibrin. They were green skinned amphibians with a beak, large open nostrils, and their two eyes were on on top of their heads attached via an eye stalk.

Repulsor tugs- Floating carts that carried equipment or pulled ships ships around an hangar.

Sabacc cards- A gambling card game, with a few variants, where the goal is to try to get a hand with a value closest to 23, positive or negative. Most decks have 76 cards.

Magnetic containment field- Used for a variety of things, magnetic fields on ships separate the hangar from the void of space. They are able to hold atmosphere inside of the ship, but are passable for ships.

Stanislok- The leader of Hound Squadron.

Yeprexi- A female member of Hound Squadron.

Particle trails- Ion fragments left behind by a starship.

Hyperspace wakes- A ripple caused by a jumping to lightspeed. They can damage, and even destroy ships if they are too close.

Airfoil- A flap along the wing that helps maneuver the ship in atmosphere.

Gyrostabilizers- A gyro based stabilizer system that helped maintain ships maneuverability during flight. It also changed gravity to keep orientation of ship upright to those inside.

Bantha- Large, hairy mammals with huge spiraling horns found in many parts of the galaxy. Banthas first appeared in A New Hope. Famous for their blue milk.They were also used for their meat. They were herd animals and easily tamed.

S-foils- Strike foils are collapsible appendages of a ship that allow a ship to use it weapons more efficiently, especially useful for dogfights. When S-foils are in locked position a ship is able to travel faster.

X-wing- A versatile starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance. With 4 canons, proton torpedoes, shields, and astromech droid capabilities these ships were powerful forces. The New Republic flew the T-65.

Merish- Male pilot in Hound Squadron.

Lightspeed- The speed a ships needs to be in to jump to hyperspace.

Shakara Nuress- Commander of Shadow Wing. We will let her story be told here.

Senache- Former flame of Colonel Nuress.

Clone Wars- Galactic conflict fought between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (mostly referred to as the Separatists due to their desire to leave the Republic. The Republic employed an army of cloned soldiers led by the Jedi Knights while the Separatist used a droid army comprised of multiple different droids. The war ravaged much of the galaxy and in the fallout Palpatine was able to claim himself the Emperor through lies and manipulation over the population of the galaxy.

Major Rassus- Male who served the Empire aboard the Pursuer.

Fusillade- Military term for firing multiple weapons at the same time or in quick succession.

TIE bomber- TIE Surface Assault Bomber, TIE/sa, was a TIE model designed to take out turbolasers and other stationary anti-ship weapons deployed by the enemy. Recognizable due to their angled wings and two central pods, one for the pilot and other for payload. Equipped with two laser cannons they were also capable to have a payload of proton bombs, concussion missiles, or thermal detonators.

Deadwood- Not special to AGFFA. Literally means wood that is dead. Another word I didn't recognize and it seemed like it would be something else, but its not.

Aerie- A Quasar Fire-class cruiser carrier is pretty much mobile hangar used by Empire.

Chapter 3

Slythmonger- A name for drug dealers in AGFFA

Servos- Short for servomotors, they help mechanical devices, such as droids,s-foils, or limbs, move

Brandy- Including this because I don’t know differences in liquors very well. Brandy is distilled from fermented fruit while whiskey distilled from fermented grains.

Spicewine- A wine that is illegal in most parts of the galaxy (due to the inclusion of spice), even in places outside of the Empire’s reach.

Coruscant- A planet that is one big city. Capital of the Empire, Imperial Palace, home to former Imperial Senate, and former Jedi Temple.

Trenchenovu shipyards- Imperial shipyards near Trenchenovu. This is all that turned up in the known databases.

Abyssin- A one eye sentient species from the Byss. They could regenerate limbs.

General Lexei- A general in the Rebel Alliance.

Piter- Fallen member of Nath’s previous squadron.

Reeka- Fallen member of Nath’s previous squadron.

Gablerone- Captain in Shadow Wing.

Phesh- Pilot in Shadow Wing.

Mordeaux and Canthropali- Fallen members of Nath’s previous squadron.

Impstar- Short for Star Destroyer.

Braigh, Pesalt, Rorian, and Ferris- Fallen members of Nath’s previous squadron.

Western Reaches- A region southwest of the galaxy core. Jakku is in the Western Reaches

Home- Not an accident this was a capitalized. The name that residents of Polyneus called their planet.

Chadra-Fan- A sentient species that appeared similar to a rodent. They had sensitive hearing and four nostrils. They only needed a few hours of sleep each night. They had two hearts.

Oridol Cluster- A dense star cluster. Ancient civilizations believed that the clusters was a god.

Stratagems- Again, this is not a Star Wars specific word, but I didn’t know that til I looked it up. Stratagems is a plan or scheme used to outwit an opponent.

Kalarba- Planet in the Mid Rim that had many moons, one of which was completely covered with an Imperial space station.

Creeli- A former commander of Riot Squadron who made a funny mistake.

Kamala- Female pilot in Riot Squadron.

Quaysail- Female pilot in Hound Squadron of the Ualaq (subspecies of Aqualish) species.

Ualaq- Subspecies of Aqualish, Ponda Baba’s species, with four eyes instead of two.

Force- Search your feelings, you know what the Force is!

Rawn- Youngest member of Hound Squadron.

Tibrin- Ocean planet in the Mid Rim. Home to the Ishi Tib species.

Rep Boy- Shipmate on the Hellion’s Dare.

Alakatha- A planet with at least one nice beach. (In Legends it was home to many resorts).

Skorrupon- The only thing I could find in my databases was that Wyl and Kamala met a Twi’lek there.

Skywalker- Luke Skywalker. Hero of the Rebel Alliance. Defeater of evil.

Len Okero- Elder on Wyl Lark’s homeplanet of Polyneus.

Heater- Pilot in Riot Squadron, cousin to Kamala.

Colonel Barson Nestroph- Heater’s father and colonel in the Imperial Army.

University of Cadomai- University on Cadomai Prime, a planet in the Outer Rim Territories and near the popular hyperspace route the Hydian Way.

Skitcher- Male pilot in Riot Squadron.

Reactor core- The powerstation that created power for starships and space stations.

Plumage- Another word I was unfamiliar with; it means a group of feathers.

Sur-avka- A feathered, flying creature of Polyneus.

Polyneus- All we know has been told in this book humans inhabited planet with villages and sur-avkas that the humans rode.

Sun-Lamas- Elders who kept and taught traditions of their villages.

River and Branch- Villages on Polyneus.

Aries Nex, Togue, and Ansil- Members of Riot Squadron.

Tails- Shadow Wing member whose TIE left a visible trail.

Char- Shadow Wing member whose TIE had carbon scoring looked like a scary figure.

Blink- Shadow Wing member whose TIE only had one functioning laser canon.

Chapter 4

Buried Treasure- A freighter of unspecified class.

TIE/ln- The basic model of a TIE. (Chapter 1)

TIE/sa- The TIE bomber (Chapter 3)

TIE/IN- Informally called the TIE Interceptor. Improved version of the TIE/ln. It had smaller panels that increased the pilots field of view. Faster than the TIE/ln with enlarged ion engines; it also carried four blaster cannons instead of two.

Separatist- Slang for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The group led by Count Dooku and employed battle droids during the Clone Wars.

Umbara- Known as the Shadow World because sunlight never reaches the surface. The planet has been a host to heavy fighting in both the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War.

Salient- A planet in the Salient System.

Corporate Sector- A sector in the Outer Rim Territories.

Mid Rim- Region of the galaxy located between the Outer Rim Territories and the Expansion Region.

Grandmother- Nickname for Colonel Shakara Nuress, commander of Shadow Wing.

Red Insurgence/The Orinda Massacre- Massacre on Orinda carried out by Shadow Wing.

Squealers- Nickname for officers fresh out of the academy

General Dodonna- Jan Dodonna, the legendary general of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.

Battle of Grumwall- We are still waiting on General Dodonna’s action report to be released.

Barma Battle Group- A battle group comprising multiple ships in charge of ridding the Barma Sector of Imperial forces.

Morseerian- A sentient methane breathing four armed species from the planet Merj. One of the cantina species in A New Hope.

Caf- Coffee, or something similar to it in AGFFA.

Gavana Orbital- An orbital station where Yrica Quell grew up.

Nette- Yrica's friend growing up. We will let Yrica tell her story.

Leia Organa- Our beloved princess who is a cunning leader in the Rebel Alliance. A symbol of hope in the galaxy.

Houko- A sentient species of an unknown planet. They were bulky humanoids.

Admiral Malvor- Imperial Admiral.

Moff Senchiko- Imperial Moff. Moffs are governors of sectors.

Messenger- Sentinel droids that carried the final orders of Emperor Palpatine.

Bulkhead- Vertical walls of starships that separated a ship into sections in the case the hull was breached.

Lasan- Outer Rim Territories planet that was home to the Lasat species, although not their homeworld.

Dhen-Moh- A planet with where untold atrocities happened.

Tee-five- A C-1 series astromech. Objectively, everyone’s favorite C1 droid is Chopper (C1-10P) (pictured).

Sidle- Not only are we learning more Star Wars we are learning more words. Sidle means to walk in a timid manner hoping to not be noticed.

Heat sinks- Devices that take heat away from electric components to keep them from overheating.

DL-21- A blaster. Din Djarin (from The Mandalorian) and Dengar have both been seen with DL-21s.

Life support- Systems that created a livable atmosphere.

Puke- A trigger happy pilot in Shadow Wing.

Snapper- A Shadow Wing pilot.

The Twins- Two Shadow Wing pilots that flew together.

Skystrike and Myomar Academies- Skystrike Academy was a prestigious academy for Imperial pilots. Wedge Antilles attended Skystrike Academy. Myomar was an academy in the Expansion Regions.

Vult Skerris- Captain in the Imperial Navy. He was a flight instructor at Skystrike Academy. His TIE interceptor was marked with red indicating his flight skills. His pilot suit had yellow stripes.

Baron Rudor- Baron Valen Rudor was a pilot for the Empire. His story is told in Rebels.

Neosephine Calorda- Feared Imperial pilot.

Spiral and Needle- Maneuvers pulled by Shadow Wing that were used to pick off members of Hound and Riot Squadron.

Life debts- Life debts are debts one owes to someone who has saved their life. The most famous life debt is that owed to Han Solo by Chewbacca after he saved Chewie from slavery. Chewie probably paid that life debt back pretty quickly.

Glothe- Male pilot of Hound Squadron.

Jiruusi fruit- A fruit from the planet Jiruusi. There are a lot of well known fruits in AGFFA, but this isn’t one of them.

Admiral Ackbar- The Mon Calamari admiral of the Rebel Alliance most famous for saying “it’s a trap!”

General Calrissian- Landonis Balthazar Calrissian, the smoothest talking, cape wearing man in the galaxy. He led the assault on the second Death Star.

Herglic- A whale-like, sentient species from an unknown planet.They had small oily eyes, smooth oily skin, and a blow hole.

Armored Imperial walkers- All Terrain Armored Transport, or AT-AT. These walkers were used in ground battles and were difficult to destroy, but had weak points. They could be fitted to carry troops, speeders, or cargo.

Gamorrean- These green skinned sentient species were pig-like humanoids native to the planet Gamorr. First seen in Return of the Jedi in Jabba’s palace.

Running the gauntlet- Adding a history lesson here! Running the gauntlet is ancient punishment where one is forced to run between two rows of soldiers who attack the person running through. I imagine that is close to what it would feel like flying a small craft between two starships firing upon each other.

Ion cannons- Ion cannons shot ionized particles that would disrupt electronic systems. Ion cannons could shut down entire star ships if they were big enough. Ion cannons were first introduced to Star Wars in ESB when the Rebels use ion cannons blasts as cover to escape Hoth. There were also small ion cannons attached to small star fighters, such as Y-wings. For a good example of the destruction an ion cannon can cause check out the Malevolence arc in season 1 of The Clone Wars.

Proton torpedoes- Proton torpedoes were highly explosive torpedoes that released an energy burst of high velocity proton energy. A note on missiles vs torpedoes: missiles typically have some sort of guidance system to track targets whereas torpedoes are unguided, or have minimal capacity to track moving targets.

Laser-guided bombs- Probably exactly what it says- a laser guided bomb. Compared to missiles and torpedoes, bombs do not have a propulsion system.

Interceptors- Referring to the A-wings.

Chapter 5

Minelayers- Either a person or system that lays mines. Current databases are inadequate.

Comscan- Comscan refers to communications and scanning. Most starships have a vast amount of scanning systems. Comscan officers tend to the consoles that receive communications and sensor transmissions.

Colonel Madrighast- An Imperial male colonel. At this time of uncertainty in the Empire many Imperial commanders were vying for power and attempting to build a powerful faction.

Gordian Reach- Sector in the Outer Rim Territory. Yavin, the site where the first Death Star was destroyed, was in the Goridan Reach.

108th- An Imperial battle group.

Moff Pandion- Valco Pandion. To learn more about Moff Pandion and the Empires attempts to retain control over the galaxy check out Check Wendig’s Aftermath Trilogy. I highly recommend it!

Admiral Sloane- Rae Sloane, one one of my favorite Imperials. Again, her story is told in the Aftermath trilogy.

Pandem Nai- A planet in the Pandem Nai system. The planet has a large amount of mineable tibanna gas.

Glow rod- Along with caf, this is language one uses when referring to what we on Earth would call a flashlight.

Old Republic- In this case, the Republic that ruled right before the reign of the Galactic Empire. “Old Republic” can sometimes refer to different eras of the Republic.

Plastex- Clear plastic. Plastoid is an opaque plastic.

Astrogation- Not a Star Wars word, but means ability to navigate in space.

Moorings- I don’t have a lot of boating experience, but this is where you tie ships to docks.

Jedi- The Jedi Knights were an order of Force users who were once the protectors of the galaxy. But let's be honest, you are probably pretty well versed in Jedi knowledge.

R-series- A line of astromech droids. R2-D2 was an R-series droid.

D6-L- Despite the name, D6-4L is an R-series droid. Its name is the last 4 characters of its serial number.

Paqualis- A star system in the Inner Rim, between the Colonies and Expansion Region, that was in the Hydian Way hyperspace lane.

Shalam- Another Inner Rim system.

Telerath- A planet in the Nouane Sector. The planet is known for “Sword Law” in which grievances are resolved through sword duels.

Jendorn- A haunted system where impressions of anything passing through were left. Wicked cool, in my opinion.

Corvette- Starships that were larger than starfighters, but not the size of capital ships. They were used as support ships to capital ships during battle.

Mek’tradi- A planet with pearl spires climbing out of an amber ocean. Yrica Quell has her own bad memories.

Dryorkeen Cluster- A populated location under Imperial control that was neglected during a time of Famine.

Exosphere- The outermost part of a planet's atmosphere.

Tibanna- A valuable gas that mined. It was an integral part of hyperdrives and weaponry. Volatile in gas form it was often frozen in carbonite for safe transport.

Irolunn- A byproduct of weaponry and hyperdrives.

Clouzon-36- A gas that allowed purrgil to travel at lightspeed. There were a few species that could breath the gas, but not humans.

Purrgil- A whale-like space faring creature. They were the species that inspired the beings of the galaxy to attempt hyperspace travel. Their presence was often unwanted due to the amount of purrgil-starcraft accidents that occurred.

Chapter 6

Imperial beacons- Communications relays, unsure if these are the same as earlier mentioned hyperwave beacons.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage- A stroke that occurs from bleeding around the brain. I figured it was a bad medical term, but I needed confirmation. I was afraid for a second it as going to deal with spiders because of the “arach” root. Still scary though.

Harrikos-Fifteen- Imperial research station located inside of a frozen ring of methane in the Harrikos system. The station was created to study the Oridol Cluster.

Harrikos- System with a blue star surrounded by a frozen methane ring.

Sheldra-Ko- A thousand year old music genre.

Tangrada-Nii- Ancient culture from the Oridol Cluster.

Tagra-Tel- Descendants of the Tangrada-Nii cultuer that evoloved to to believe the Oridol Cluster was an alive being, not gaseous formation.

Bow- Ship language for the front of the ship.

Aft- Ship language for back of the ship.

Corellian red- A red wine from the planet of Corellia.

Chief of Intelligence Cracken- Airen Cracken, He played many roles for the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. He was manning the turret of the Millenium Falcon during the Battle of Endor. Chief of Intelligence for the New Republic.

Mon Cala – built star cruisers- Mon Calamari Shipyards were the manufacturer of many of the Rebel Alliance’s capital ships. Pictured is the MC80 Star Cruiser.

Chapter 7

Tinker-Town- A town inside of Greater Xnapolis on Mrinzebon.

Greater Xnapolis- City on Mrinzebon that was recently abandoned by the Empire.

Mrinzebon- Planet that was a battle site during the Clone Wars. The Empire tried to colonize, but decided to spend its resources elsewhere and left the planet.

IG-series droid- Droid series created by the InterGalactic Banking Clan. They were a series of droids that were created to serve in battle. Somewhere assassins and others, bodyguards. IG-99, IG-11, and General Grievous' MagnaGuards were of the IG-series (pictured).

Gannory’s Cantina- Quite simply a cantina operated by a being named Gannory.

Cerean- A sentient humanoid from the planet Cerea. Pale colored skin and tall, cone shaped skulls which held a complex, powerful brain. Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Cerean.

Power dampers, stabilizing coil, pressor control chip, an cold-weld arrestors- Ship components that probably do exactly what the names indicate.

Narlowe- Junk dealer.

Meftian- A sentient humanoid species that was covered in fur.

Gannory- Male Cerean proprietor of Gannory’s Cantina.

Devon- Mysterious stranger in Tinker-Town. We will let his story be told here.

Shonessa and Brorn- Tinker-Town residents who stand up for themselves.

weather-orchestras of Cousault- No one databases have information about weather-orchestras or Cousault. Let’s assume they were pretty.

Tubers- Plants that grew on Tatooine and Lothal.

Vryant- Human male whose story will be told on these pages.

Herdessa- Mid Rim location.

Phorsa Gedd- A Mid Rim planet that was known for its factory deserts. There was heavy fighting during the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebellion.

Part 2: Maladies of an Endless War

Chapter 8

Hera Syndulla- Affectionately known as Space Mom. Hera is a wise, endearing leader in the New Republic. A Twi’lek native to Lothal. She started rebelling in the early days of the Empire. To learn more about Hera check out Rebels.

Stornvein- Member of the new Republic.

Yinchorr- Expansion Region location where a siege happened after the Battle of Endor.

Arkania- Cold location in the Colonies region.

Barma sector- Sector in the galaxy without a central Imperial leader.

Holoreports- News network of AGFFA.

Head-tails- Informal name for a Twi’lek’s Lekku.

Berserker fleet- Current databases do not have reliable entries about berserkers in the current canon. There are a few posibilities this could refer to or it could be something completely new! Berserker referred to either droids who failed to respond to any programming and acted violently, a group of Wookie warriors fighting to free Wookies from slavery, and mutants spawned by the Sith. (All have yet to be brought into the current canon).

Hutt space- A region of the galaxy that rested in both Outer Rim Territories and Mid Rim that was ruled by the Hutt Clan. The Hutts had a deal with Empire to allow Imperial transport through Hutt Space. Nal Hutta is a planet in the system that the Hutts are from. Although Jabba has a palace on Tatooine, it is not in Hutt space.

Lodestar- An Acclamator-class assault ship and flagship of the Barma Battle Group. Previously used by the Old Republic during the Clone Wars.

Clone troopers- The cloned troopers that made up the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Plastoid- A plastic used for armor.

Meteor Squadron- X-wing squadron aboard the Lodestar. Their ships were decorated with brightly colored paintings of rock and ice.

Hail Squadron- Y-wing squadron aboard the Lodestar. Their ships had gold and blue stripes.

Vanguard Squadron- Squadron aboard the Lodestar.

Repulsor sled- A floating cart that used in hangars to transport equipment.

Ghost- The ship of Hera Syndulla and her team of rebels. A VCX-100 light freighter.

Gobreton minefield- A minefield outside of Gobreton.

Smart mine- A mine that would track a ship once it entered its range.

Stern- The rear of a starship.

Loadlifter- Droids capable of lifting heaving loads. Often bulky and cumbersome.

Thruster nacelles- Engines/thrusters that are visible on the outside of a craft. Pictured is the thruster nacelle of the Razor Crest. Not all ships have nacelles depending on how their engines are mounted. For example, the Millenium Falcon does not have nacelles.

High Galactic alphabet’s- High Galactic is what we would call English. It was a different form of Galactic Basic writing. Side note, in the original version of A New Hope the tractor beam said power in High Galactic, but has since been changed to Arubesh.

Ragnell- An engineer aboard the Lodestar. We will let her story by told here.

Berchest- An Inner Rim location.

Rim rat- An endearing name used by Imperials and those of the Core Worlds to describe a being from the Outer Rim.

Zeta-class cargo shuttle- A cargo ship of the Galactic Empire.

Induchron- A city on Pandem Nai.

Dun- Entering Tina Belcher territory!! Dun is a color of horse! It's a sandy grayish, goldish, tanish color.

Chapter 9

Scarif- Outer Rim Planet whose main terrain was tropical ocean. Site to the battle where the Rebel Alliance received the technical readout of the first Death Star that aided in its destruction.

Turbolift- Elevator in AGFFA.

White Book- First mentioned in Alexander Freed’s Battlefront: Twilight Company, this book is the handbook to being a part of the Rebellion.

Ranjiy’s Krayt Hut- Makeshift bar aboard the Lodestar. Kryat probably refers to the Krayt Dragon. Nothing is known about Rajiy. Is Rajiy a pet Krayt Dragon? A Krayt Dragon enthusiast? It might be the greater mystery in the galaxy!

Malastare- The native planet of the Dug species (Sebulba). A battle in the Clone Wars caused a Zillo beast to be released. It’s a fun two part episode in season 2 of The Clone Wars.

Newsscreen- A 2D display. One might say it similar to a television or projected screen.

Kerkoidia- An Expansion Region planet. During the Clone Wars it was a member of the CIS.

Boz Pity- A Mid Rim location. Not a happy place for Nath.

Chazwa- Inner Rim location.

Dirt-sucker- An insult for someone who doesn’t fly, or is stuck on a planet.

Spit-racer- An insult, but there is no urban dictionary for AGFFA.

Specforce troopers- Special forces in the New Rebellion. Called SpecForce they were a group of highly dedicated soldiers who took the Rebel Alliance very seriously.

Drop ship- Ship used for dropping supplies or soldiers into battle. This particular ship is unspecified.

Broosh- Teso Broosh, an Imperial TIE pilot in Shadow Wing. His story will be told here.

Liar’s dice- This game isn’t listed in any known databases. Let’s assume it involves dice and telling lies.

Airspeeders- Speeders that were able to ascend and descend in atmosphere, but were not equipped to leave the atmosphere or travel in space.

Moff Royen- Moff cutoff from other Imperials.

Red Hand Cluster- No databases have sufficient information regarding Red Hand Cluster.

Adelhard- Ubrik Adelhard, a die-hard Imperial leader who started by serving as a stormtrooper. He had a blockade in the Anoat section. For a while he believed that the death of the Emperor was a rumor spread by the Rebels. It's unclear what he believes at this time.

Anoat sector- Outer Rim Territories sector. Home to such planets as Anoat, Hoth, and Bespin.

Abednedo- Planet in the Colonies region. Homeworld to the Abednedo species. The planet has a lot of underground tunnels and dwellings, but has recently started building on the surface.

Chapter 10

Geostationary orbit- An orbit where the object stays above the same location on a planet. Geostationary orbit requires the satellite to maintain a specific height relative to the planet.

Neshorino- City on Abednedo that was carved into the side of a mountain.

Neshorino’s House of Strangers- A location of the city that was reserved for off worlders.

Micro-atmospheres- Atmospheres created to be hospitable to different species. Some species are required to wear special suits in certain environments.

Verpine- Insectoid species that stood on two legs. Although insectoid, they only had four limbs. Allegedly, the species are very capable engineers.

Slugthrower- A rifle that fired solid projectiles rather than energy bolts. Sometimes these slugs were covered in poison to deal additional damage.

Ghtroc 690 light freighter- A light freighter made by Ghtroc Industries.

Scandoc- ID used for ships and citizens of the Galactic Empire.

KD-30 pistol- Chass’ customized weapon. Designed for acid slugs instead of energy bolts.

E-11- Standard issue blasters for stormtroopers. Standard power cells held 200 blasts while a plasma cell held 500 blasts.

Hutt- A sentient slug species from the plane Nal Hutta. They had large mouths and stubby arms. They had thick slimy skin. The most famous Hutt is Jabba the Hutt, but he was recently killed before the Battle of Endor by our dear Princess Leia.

Bowcaster- These weapons were more accurate and powerful than your standard blaster. The orbs at the end created at magnetic power that propelled the bolt. The design and material could vary widely, but they were often very ornate. As Han Solo said, “I like this thing!”

Dupes- A fun nickname for TIE/sa, bombers, due to there dual pods.

Accresker- Accresker was a mobile prison that consisted of wreckage of starships and was pulled by a cruiser. It had a low survival rate. Wild and wonderful, that’s what they say about the not so recent events of a galaxy far from here, right?

Crymorah syndicate- A group of gangs that allied themselves together. The period of influence started five years after the Clone Wars, but were reported to be defeated by the Empire, but they have been rumblings of their resurfacing.

InterGalactic Banking Clan- Often referred to as the Banking Clan, they were an incredibly influential group in the Outer Rim Territories that lent great sums of money to the Republic and Separatist during the Clone Wars.

Chapter 11

Spectre Leader- Hera Syndulla’s call sign. Spectre was the name that the crew in Rebels went by.

Chandrilan- Chandrilla was the homeworld to Mon Mothma. Due to a multitude of factors each world had different lengths for days, nights, years, etc. Most people ran on standard time which is 24 hour days, where one hour is 60 minutes, and a minute is 60 seconds.

Wentrion Gaps- Move along. There is not additional info about this location.

Harkrova- The name of a system names after Harkova, the man who found it.

Argai Minor- No notes of interest about Agrai Minor.

Harkrova I- This guy really did discover nothing. Hakrrova I was the only planet in the Harkrova system. It had an unnamed moon.

Chitinous insects- Insects that have a protective, transparent exoskeleton.

Felucia- A colorful jungle planet in the Outer Rim Territories. The planes was the site of many battles in the Clone Wars.

Red Isles of Thakwaa- An archipelago on the planet Thakwaa located in the Outer Rim Territories.

Progenitors- Another word for ancestors.

Hik’e-Matriarch- The organizational structure wasn’t simple, but for ease she was the ruler of Wyl Lark’s homeworld.

Ridge- Wyl Lark’s village on Polyneus.

Hundred and Twenty- The volunteers of Polyneus to the Rebel Alliance. They fought because of the Empire's pollution that was harming the planet.

Capsaicin- Chili peppers.

Jedi temple- There were many Jedi temples throughout the galaxy. Often hidden, these temples were built in locations strong with the Force.

Kuat Drive Yards- The favored shipyards of the Empire. Star Destroyers, AT-ATs, and other starships were built here. Their main production facility was a ring that went around the planet Kuat.

Chapter 12

Unignited Stars- Jocasta Nu once said “If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist,” but I bet these do exist, or at least are part of some fable.

Jyn Erso- The famed Rebel who found out from her father that there was a design flaw in the plans for the Death Star and inspired an impromptu, unsanctioned assault on Scarif that gave the Rebels the technical readout of the first Death Star. Due to her father’s wanted status, she went by many aliases as she traveled around the galaxy a few included: Liana Hallik, Tanith, Lyra, and Nari.

General Skywalker- I won’t insult your intelligence!

Red Squadron- An X-wing squadron that was a key participant in the destruction of both Death Stars as well as a many other battles.

Five Points system- A system that was home to 5 planets and a space station. The system was difficult to navigate due to debris. The station was at point that made travel to each planet more convenient.

Uchinaio- A planet that was covered in a liquid that was not water. Inhabitants lived on bergs of frozen ice.

Chevin- An elephant/rhino-like sentient species known for its large stature. Their heads were as long as they were tall.

Koiogra- Chass has travelled many unique places! Not a place found on any databases.

Jedha- Moon of the planet NaJedha. The Church of the Force thought the Temple of Kyber was a sacred location. The Empire mined kyber crystals from Jedha, before using the Holy City as its first test site for the Death Star, destroying the city.

Cavern Angels- A X-wing squadron active that participated in acts against the Empire. Not officially apart of the Rebellion.

Lyran- I’d love to see Chass’ passport; again, a place that only she has mentioned.

Nar Shaddaa- A moon of the planet Nal Hutta, Hutt’s homeworld, like Coruscant, the moon completely covered in a city, although not near as many levels as Coruscant. Coruscant is to politicians as Nar Shadda is to criminals.

Chapter 13

Borleias- A star system in the Colonies region.

Treinhaus Citadel- Citadel on Argai Minor.

Sappers- Sappers are combat engineers who specialize in field operations that involve destruction of obstacles or enemy fortifications. They also create fortifications and defenses for their own bases.

Rentaxius VIII- A location somewhere in the galaxy.

Haldeen sector- Sector in the Colonies that contained Haldeen and Argai Minor that bordered the Barma sector.

Skangravi-Mestun Regional Hyperlane- A hyperspace lane could be used to get close to Pandem Nai. A safe guess is it linked Skangravi and Mestun; two locations we don’t know much about.

Celanon Spur- Hyperspace that was accessable by Pandem Nai. Ajan Kloss, home to the Resistance base in Rise of the Skywalker, was located off this hyperspace lane.

H’Grathi- Another hyperspace route that led to Pandem Nai.

Lindon Javes- Someone respected by Hera Syndulla (which makes them okay in my book!) in the New Republic who agrees with Quell’s assessment.

Cloud City- The gas mining facility that Lando was the baron (leave it to Lando to be a baron) of. The station was under Imperial occupation during the later years of the Galactic Civil War.

Tarkin Initiative- A secret organization that was responsible for the Death Stars and other secret weapons.

Stornvein- New Republic member aboard the Lodestar.

Chapter 14

The Harch- The Harch was a member of the Harch species. Harches were a spider-like two legged species. Covered in fur, they supported six arms and six red eyes. The most famous harch is probably Admiral Trench, a tenacious admiral who led the Separtist against the Republic in many battles.

Chelicerae- The one thing I don’t want to learn any more about. These are the appendages that look like fangs on the mouths of spiders. UGH!

Rikton- Former Imperial who befriends Devon. We will let his story be told here.

Eightmarket- Market aboard the Whitedrift Exchange

Landspeeder- Speeders that used repulsors to hover above the ground. Were not used for aerial flight.

Mon Gazza- Mid Rim location off the hyperspace lane, Corellian Run.

Ring of Kafrene- Space station/mining colony built into the Kafrene asteroid belt. It can be seen at the beginning of Rogue One.

Bazaar of Esoteric Obscenities- A casualty of Devon’s travels through the galaxy. Sounds like a museum that would be on Route 66, I’d stop in for a gander.

Whitedrift Exchange- A space station that traveled the galaxy.

Lormar-class space station- Specifics of this class are unknown. It did have a hyperdrive.

Plasma transvertor- Equipment aboard a starship.

Hull plating and radiation shielding- No imagination needed to understand these two ship parts.

Corulag- Core world that held also had an Imperial Academy.

Karazak- An Outer Rim Planet.

Class-T hazard-The only hazard that appeared in out databanks were about the Sabacc hand in some variants.

Naikon matrix- Ship part; unknown use.

XJ9 hypercharger- Converter for turbolasers.

Servo-pulsor- Component for repulsors.

Galactic communications network- Another name for the HoloNet.

Curdled green milk- Green milk came from thala-sirens (weird animal that Luke gets his green milk from in The Last Jedi). Their homeplanet is not known, but they are prevalent enough in the galaxy that their milk is sought out.

Gozanti cruiser- An armed assault ship. Not incredibly large, but if you were doing anything nefarious, you wouldn’t want to come across one of these.

Vernid- Outer Rim Territory planet that doesn’t stick out from the rest.

Part Three: Stages of a Rapidly Decaying Plan

Chapter 15

Mayus and Jems- Engineers aboard Lodestar.

Riding sled- A repulsor craft that transported pilot and crew around bases/hangars. Here are some engineers riding a sled in A New Hope.

Herglic rage-metal- Probably exactly what you are imagining.

Warbat trance- Some Star Wars music I would probably enjoy; I enjoy EDM.

Glimmik- Unknown music type. But if you do want to check out some in Galaxy Music check out the playlist R3X spins in Oga’s Cantina. (Spotify link)

Aft- Rear of the ship.

Inculcated- Something learned through persistent instruction.

Narston- Engineer in Shadow Wing.

Datapad- remember to fix this!

Separatists- Colonel Nuress, who has been fighting wars for a long time, seems to use Separtist to describe her enemy, despite how they would identify.

Chapter 16

TIE Reaper- A TIE series ship used for the transport of elite troops during battle. Unlike many TIE series ships, this one is equipped with both a hyperdrive and shields. This was the ship of the Ninth Sister (an Imperial Inquisitor charged with finding and destroying Jedi during the age of the Empire).

Hetnagaro- A planet that the Empire destroyed. It is unclear wether the damage was from a military campaign, a Death Star, or through over mining or collection of other natural resources.

TIE Reaper- A TIE series ship used for the transport of elite troops during battle. Unlike many TIE series ships, this one is equipped with both a hyperdrive and shields. This was the ship of the Ninth Sister (an Imperial Inquisitor charged with finding and destroying Jedi during the age of the Empire).

Hetnagaro- A planet that the Empire destroyed. It is unclear whether the damage was from a military campaign, a Death Star, or through over mining or collection of other natural resources.

Chapter 17

Ensign Nagry- Female member of Shadow Wing.

Yoke- In layman's term, the steering wheel of a starship.

Zeltron power anthem- Another song I would listen to!

Chapter 18

Nothing to see here! Move along.

Chapter 19

Star Destroyer Sanction- Imperial-class Star Destroyer that played a part in the destruction of Nath’s previous squadron.

Alyord Smythe, Denn Maskar, and Samnell Peers- Deceased members of Shadow Wing.

Indu San- A location where Shadow Wing suffered losses. In Legends, it’s in The Outer Rim Territories.

Chapter 20

Deva pop- A music genre that actually has a hit in my databases! Although it is Legends, there is a singer known as Shirley who performed in this genre. A bigger look into music from around the galaxy can be found on by the (real life author) Edward M. Erdelac in his two part article Slugthrower: An Overview of Popular Music and Musicians in A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Part 1 and Part 2).

Chapter 21

Meriva Greef- Sergeant in Shadow Wing. She happens to show some humanity to Shadow Wing.

Captain Nosteen- Quell’s former squadron commander.

Xion and Hastun- Shadow Wing pilots.

Chapter 22

Ale- An alcoholic beverage made from grains. I make this in real life at work! Some ales, and a lager, you can find at Oga’s Cantina on Batuu are Bad Motivator IPA, White Wampa Ale, Gold Squadron Lager, and Gamorrean Ale.

No Harm- Medical frigate in the Barma Battle Group.

Chapter 23

Tyros- Devon’s coworker; their story will be told here.

Klevin- Devon’s coworker; their story will be told here.

Mijura- Alcoholic beverage shared with friends in a bowl that was passed around.

Viewscreen- A 2D holoscreen.

Nanchia- Devon’s coworker; their story will be told here.

Vi’i’che- Devon’s coworker; their story will be told here.

Cranksman- Unspecified position on a dig-rig

Grahamos Devon’s coworker; their story will be told here.

Cantonica podraces- Cantonica is a desert planet in the Corporate Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Most known for the casino rich city of Canto Bight. In addition for fathier races, podraces were also held. Podracing is performed by repulsorcraft with small pods for the pilots attached to very powerful engines.

Red Moon Festival- Festival to celebrate a particular phase of a satellite around Vernid.

Bakerstown- City on Vernid.

Stringfruit candies- A fruit from somewhere. I’d try it once!

Lhent- The reveal of Soran Keize. If you are gonna have a good cover, you need a last name too!

The End!

I hope you enjoyed the guide and it helped with your picture of this book! I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the sequel coming out soon. Check back here for the Guide to that book once it comes out!!

Happy Reading.