Book Review

Poe Dameron: Free Fall

by Alex Segura

An adventure only Poe Dameron could give you!

In his debut Star Wars novel, Alex Segura paints a young Poe Dameron that lives up to his on-screen presence. We find Poe living in a quaint settlement on Yavin IV, but dreaming of traveling the galaxy and making a name for himself, just like his Rebellion hero parents did. Not cut out for a tranquil life on a planet without much happening, Poe takes the first ride off of Yavin IV. Literally, the first group of people that need a pilot. Poe seeks adventure, and we are along for the ride!

This book gives weight to the interactions we see in The Rise of Skywalker between Zorii Bliss and Poe. To me, their relationship seemed more intriguing than Poe’s previous life as a spice runner. Segura brings them both to life and creates a bond that drives the story in a unique way. Their complexities and histories make their relationship feel just as vital to the story as being shot at by multiple crime syndicates.

Poe’s adventure makes him conscious of the consequences of his choices. Not just how his actions affect his life, but how their ripples affect those around him. Poe finds out what decisions he can live with and which ones cross the line.

Alex Segura gives us a fun ride with characters we already know, new characters, and a story that fits right into A Galaxy Far, Far Away… The action sequences are easy to visualize, and the characters are understandable. This novel has the human touch that defines Star Wars. We see characters, their flaws, and the series of decisions that turn farm boys into ace pilots, sometimes with skeletons in the closet. The author does a stellar job showing the essence and desires of each character. I constantly felt sucked into each characters’ wants, feelings, and opinions.

I would have liked a bit more lore and in galaxy reference throughout the book. The book had lots of references near the beginning but fell off a bit once Poe leaves Yavin IV. That being said, I would rather have a compelling story than a history lesson of A Galaxy Far, Far Away, so I am not turned off by the lack of lore. And let me tell you, Segura delivers an enthralling story that will keep the pages turning.

This book is for Star Wars fans, especially those who enjoy Poe Dameron (even those turned off by his spice running past). It adds color to the character and the galaxy as a whole. The novel also appeals to fans of Star Wars novels and is not too heavy on the romance for those who get queasy because of a YA designation.

This book is well worth your time to pick up and enjoy when it comes out on August 4, 2020. Pre-order here!

-- I was given an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley and Disney Lucasfilm Press to provide an honest review.