Thrawn Reading Guide

Book by Timothy Zahn

Guide by Shaun Wars

Reading Star Wars can be fun, but the galaxy is big and strange. It’s okay to not know what Ithorian looks like or be able to differentiate between a Venator and Victory class Star Destroyer. This guide is here to help you fill in the gaps and have a fuller, richer Star Wars reading experience.

This book is lucky enough to have a graphic novel adaption, which allows this guide to have illustrations of the exact characters and ships than we would typically would not have in a Star Wars book. This guide follows the book chronologically as characters, items, ships, planets, etc, appear. The nice thing about this guide is that it avoids spoilers. There is nothing worse than looking at Wookiepedia and seeing that a character died in the story your reading or another story. Now if you are reading this, I do assume you have seen the movies, so there are spoilers to theatrical releases, but other than those this guide will be spoiler free.

If you see any errors (Star Wars or grammatical), have any questions or comments please let me know by tweeting or emailing me (see contact page).

Chapter 1


Voss Parck- Human male Captain on the Venator-class Star Destroyer Strikefast.

Mosh Barris- A human, male Colonel (of Imperial Army).

Bogolan- Written form of the Bogolanese trade language and one of at least six other trade languages in the so called Unknown Regions of the galaxy. A trade language is a langue that people who speak different languages use to communicate. Creole is the best real world example.

Myomar Academy- Imperial academy on the planet of Myomar. in the Expansion Region of the galaxy. Located between Mid and Inner Rims. Not much is known about Myomar besides that it has an academy.

Eli Vanto- Our deuteragonist (fancy word for secondary main character). We will let this be book tell his story.

Lysatra- A planet in Wild Space. The homeworld of Eli Vanto, our deuteragonist (I learned a new word, might as well get some use out of it)

Wild Space- Wild Space is beyond the Outer Rim but not mapped or off the edge of the map. Different from the Unknown Regions.

Unknown Regions- A part of space west of the galaxy core. It is partially mapped, but vastly unexplored. Some notable planets/systems in the Unknown Regions are Ilum/Starkiller Base, and other places important to this story that we won't get into yet...

Sy Bisti- One of the six trade languages of the so-called Unknown Regions.

Unknown Alien Protocols- Repbulic era protocols that require any new species to be investigated. This is as far as anything has gone to explain the UA protocols.

Republic- The ruling governing body of the galaxy prior to the Empire. Not all planets were in the Republic. There were many planets, such as Mandalore that were neutral planets.

Senate- A group of senators from each Planet that was represented in the Republic. The Senate still exists, but has very little power during this point of the Galactic Empire.

High Command- Imperial High Command, aka Imperial Command or High Command. A body the Joint Chiefs headed by the Supreme Commander who reported to Emperor Palpatine.

Comlink- Similar to a walkie talkie. Used for communication. Pretty much seen in all Star Wars.

Major Wyan- Colonel Barris' right hand man (part of the Imperial Army, not the navy).

V-Wing- Alpha-3 Nimbus starfighter (there is a type of v-wing air speeder) made by same manufactured that constructed Star Destroyers and Jedi starfighters (Kuat Systems Engineering). Agile and quick; they did not have hyperdrives or pressurized cockpits. Can be seen in Revenge of the Sith, Jedi: Fallen Order, Tarkin, and Battlefront II.

Navy Troopers- Not your typical Imperial Army troopers in all white (Storm troopers). These ones wore black and really only stayed on ships. They were the ones to man gunning stations and such.

The Clones Wars- Let's be honest, if you are reading this book, and found your way to this page, you bloody well know the Clone Wars. First referenced by Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, "You fought in the Clone Wars?" There is a seven season TV show about the Clone Wars, called The Clone Wars. It was fought between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, often referred to as the Separatists. The Clone Wars pre-date the Empire.

Repulsorlifts- Devices of various sizes that make cargo float for easy transport.

Stormtroopers- Stormtroopers were the foot soldiers of the Empire. Clad in all white plastoid armor and their white helmets. A stormtrooper is easily noticed, even here in our galaxy. The stormtrooper pictured is Imperial era, Clone troopers, and First Order stormtroopers look a little different.

Zeta-Class Shuttle- Unclear which of these it is, but it's safe to assume it had wings that folded and was either a two or four winged shuttle. Two winged ( pictured to the right, just called Zeta-class) was primarily for passengers or small cargo and four winged (Zeta-class cargo shuttle) was used for cargo transport.

Harbinger courier ship- a courier ship, there haven't been images of this type of ship thus far and the Harbinger as a courier ship is not mentioned again. Harbinger is a name for a few Star Destroyers of different class sizes.

Chiss- If you looked at the cover of this book, you know what the Chiss looked like. They are rarely seen in the galaxy and their homeworld is in the so-called Unknown Regions. To avoid giving away what is known or thought to be known about the Chiss we will let this book tell the tale of the species.

Chapter 2

Coruscant- A planet that is one big city. Home to the Imperial Senate (still functioning, but without much power), capital of the Empire, and former Jedi Temple.

Kryat- Probably referring to a Kryat Dragon. A skeleton of a Kryat dragon can be seen in SW: A New Hope (ANH) on Tatooine.

Lambda Shuttle- This is the typical Imperial shuttle you think of people of importance traveling in.

Royal Imperial Academy- Also referred to as Coruscant Imperial University. Of all the Imperial Academies this is the most esteemed.

Admiralty- The headquarters for the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Security Bureau- ISB for short. This a law enforcement/intelligence agency. Historically, they were all white suits with ranking insignia.

Imperial Palace - Where the Emperor resided. Palpatine converted the palace into his personal home.

Imperial Guards- Imperial Guards sometime referred to as Emperor's Royal Guard or Imperial Royal Guard. Wear all red and almost always are next to the Emperor. They reported directly to the Emperor, but were an division of elite soldiers.

Emperor Palpatine- You know Emperor Palpatine.

Jedi- The Jedi were a group of...... Never mind, you know the Jedi. One of the inconsistent things about the Jedi during the Imperial rule was if they were talked about or not. I'm surprised to see that Eli saw the Jedi mentioned in "histories." I feel there was a great effort to cover up even the existence of Jedi in some parts of the Empire. A reasonable explanation, I feel, for Eli's knowledge is that he grew up in Wild Space where there was little to no imperial presence.

Anakin Skywalker- Who?? Just messing, if you need to know who Anakin Skywalker is, go watch The Clone Wars, or the Prequel Trilogy.

Chapter 3

Standard Time- Standard time is pretty similar to the time we keep on earth: 368 days in a year with 12 months. Standard days are 24 hours, hours are 60 minutes, and minutes last 60 seconds. There are some discrepancies about months in the current canon…

Admiral Foss- Admiral at the Imperial Academy at this time.

Commandant Deenlark- Commandant and President of the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant. He grew up with links to many prominent families from the Core Worlds. As we find out, he is not very accepting of people of "lesser" families or not from the Core Worlds. Also, appears in Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars.

Lieutenant Placard (Imperial Navy)

Mouse Droid




Blood Spites- A predator to birds that also made nests.

Separatist- There were a number of planets/systems that decided to leave the Republic which caused the Clone Wars where the clone army of the Republic fought the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists).

Core Worlds- The closest planets/systems to the center of the galaxy besides Deep Core.

Mid Rim- The planets/systems that are a little further from the center of the galaxy than the Core Worlds

Chapter 4

Arihnda Pryce- You may be familiar with Arihnda Pryce if you have seen SW Rebels. This story happens before the first season of Rebels. We should let this story tell us more about her...

Arik Uvis- Their story will be told on these pages.

Governor Azadi- Ryder Azadi, the current governor of the Lothal. Also, a character in Rebels. To avoid spoilers we will let his story be told here.

Capital City- Also known as Lothal City. The biggest city on Lothal.

Lothal- Lothal, an Outer Rim Planet. SW Rebels centers around rebels from Lothal.

Ithorian- Sentient species from Ithor. They have two mouths on opposite sides of their necks. The first Ithorian was in A New Hope. He was called Hammerhead before his species was named. Other notable Ithorians are Doc Undar from Galaxy's Edge.

Barkin- Just someone who works closely with the Pryce family.

Senator Domus Renking- Current Senator of Lothal. He is a part of Ms. Pryce’s story and we will let unfold here.

Talmoor Pryce- Arihinda Pryce’s father

Elainye Pryce- Arihinda Prcye’s mother.


Credit-Standardized money used throughout systems in the Empire and those not in the Empire. Also called galactic credits, republic credits (during times of the Republic), Imperial Credits (in times of the Empire), New Republic Credits during the time of the New Republic (post Battle of Endor).

Lutrillian- Species native to Lutrilla. They were distinguished by their broad faces, fuzzy jowls, and wide-set eyes. Lutrillians lived a nomadic lifestyle and travelled around their homeworld.

Batonn- Another Outer Rim Planet. This planet is unique for its single continent with one island just west of the continent.

Kessel- Kessel is a planet where the northern hemisphere is full of mines and southern is a place of sanctuary. It is located in the Akkasdese Maelstrom. Coaxium, spice, and Kesselstone are mined on Kessel. It is a very dangerous play to attempt to travel due to the maelstrom. Han Solo famously made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

Chapter 5

Spenc Orbar and Rosita Turuy- Two cadets from Core Worlds from well regarded families. What does Thrawn have in store for them? We shall find out.

Highland Challenge- A card game. The best hands in Highland Challenge are King’s Lane Cube, Prince's Lane, and the Triad.

Chapter 6

Mustafar- A mostly lava planet; it does hold some dark side prowess. Located in the Outer Rim. It is the planet where Obi Wan and Anakin had their final duel before Anakin became Darth Vader. Kylo Ren visits Mustafar in The Rise of Skywalker, Vader's Castle is on the planet as well. Home of the Black Sun Syndicate during the Clone Wars. You can find out more about Mustafar in The Clone Wars Children of the Force arc, Dark Disciple by Christie Golden, Dark Lord of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp, Tales from Vader's Castle, and the VR series Vader Immortal.

Skystrike Academy- Academy located on the planet Montross. The famed Wedge Antilles was once a cadet at Skystrike Academy.

Flatsculp- A painting. We will find out more about the culture and species of the artist homeworld later in this book. I don't delve into Legends (old books and comics that were removed from canon, but still enjoyable, after Disney's purchase) much, but this was a type of artwork from Zahn's original Thrawn Trilogy. It was of a species that is no longer canon (at time of writing).

Daisie- A tenant with a problem.

Chesna Braker- A simple landlady on Coruscant, kind of a prick too.

Aircar- Probably exactly what is sounds like- a speeder for people bustling around Coruscant

Councilor Jonne- A bureaucrat.

Bartanish Four Sector- A sector of Coruscant. Not the best, but also not the worst.

Beckon call- A device that has calls your ship to your location.

Airbus- A bus that flies in the air. :)

Slave-rigged- The way to say Jury Rigged in AGFFA.

Gozanti-class- An armored ship used by the Empire, primarily for transport (The Blood Crow is below. Also, just the name alone strikes fear in me, imagine Thrawn walking out with this glowing red eyes, yikes!)

Chapter 7

Captain Virgilio- Rik Virgilio, Captain of the Blood Crow when Thrawn and Eli graduated from the Royal Imperial Academy and for 18 months after.

Filia Rossi- New captain of the Blood Crow.

Raithal Academy- Imperial Academy on the Riathal planet. Generally regarded as a prestigious academy.

Socorro- Outer Rim planet. Most famed for being the homeworld of the classy, cape wearing smuggler Lando Calrissian.

Nels Deyland- Of no importance.

Droideka- Originally appeared in The Phantom Menace these droids are called Droidekas, but often referred to as destroyer droids or rollies (by the clones). With twin blasters and a shield deflectors Droidekas could be formidable opponents.

Buzz Droid- Pistoeka Sabotage Droids, commonly referred to as buzz droids, were used by the Separatists to sabotage Republic ships by attacking vital systems with drilling tools. Hard to defend because they crawled along the ship's exterior. Can be seen in the Battle of Coruscant in Revenge of the Sith.

STAP- Originally appearing in The Phantom Menace, Single Troop Aerial Platform (STAP) was used by the Trade Federation in the Battle of Naboo. These were devices that hovered and had blaster canons. They navigated quickly around the battlefield.

Hyperdrive Ring- A device that ships could use to travel past light speed of their ship was not equipped with a hyperdrive.

Mark One- The original type of buzz droid. We’ll find out the difference in a bit.

Ansion- A Mid Rim Planet, Anakin and Obi-Wan were on a mission there just prior to Attack of the Clones.

Doonium- A metal used for starships.

Delphidians- A sentient humanoid species from the Delphidian Cluster in the Mid Rim near Wild Space. They had leathery, striated (with lines or grooves, like an eel) skin.

A tusk-cat on a shaak- Tusk-cat is a carnivorous feline of Naboo. Shaaks are those weird things with the big butts that Anakin rides while he falling in love with Padme.

Tibanna- Tibanna is a gas that had many uses around the galaxy which made it a valuable resource. Cloud City of Bespin, the city which Lando Calrissian is a baron of, was a place where Tibanna gas was mined. It is used in hyperdrives, weaponry, repulsorlifts, and more. Can be frozen into carbonite.

Merri Barlin- A human member of the Blood Crow's crew.

Dromedar- Nothing to see here.

Layneo & Jakeeb- Human Blood Crow crew members.

Scrub- A system that cleans the air inside of starship.

Nevil Cygni- An interesting character, we will learn more about him in upcoming developments.

Fitz- Captain of the Dromedar.

Toom- An engineer aboard the Dromedar.

Chapter 8

These next three entries I use Legends to fill in the gaps, because they are so cool. I want to keep these as canon as possible, but couldn't resist here and I assume this is what Zahn imagined. They have not been in canon, other than by mention, since canon was reset. Like I said before, I don’t aim to delve into Legends too much, but there is a lot of information about Ho’Din in Legends, even outside of Legends Thrawn novels.

Ho’Din*- A sentient life form on Makurth. This is as close to being recanonized they have been. Legends-They were famous for being tall humanoids with healing powers.

Makurth*- Popular in Legends, but this is the first and only mention of so far in canon. Legends- They are all over the place in Legends. Even a Sith Apprentice!! A sentient bi-ped reptile covered in green scales with 4 horns on their head. Native to the planet Moltok.

Moltok*- All we know is that it is a system in the Outer Rim. Legends- A planet that is home to Makurth and Ho’Din. The planet was full of rain forests and volcanoes.

Pantorans- A humanoid species with blue skin and yellow eyes from the moon of Pantora. Most Pantorans, but not all, adorned yellow markings on their faces. More commonly seen than Chiss.

Angel- Human male pirate.

Culoss- We will find out more this in this later in story.

Gran- (above) Sentient humanoid species with three eyes and two short atannea. They are seen in various movies.

Togruta- Sentient species from the planet Shili. They have colorful skin tones, montrals and head tails with white facial pigments (zebra-like to help hide from predators). There is a settlement of Togrutas on Kiros. The best known Togruta are Ahsoka and Shaak Ti.

Trapo- Assume it is their ship or settlement, could be code name as well.

Chapter 9

Tarkin in A New Hope

Wiskovis- male human admiral in the navy.

Grand Moff Tarkin- The baddest of the bad, Wilhuff Tarkin is a villian in ANH and in charge of the Death Star. He was a cunning leader from the planet Eriadu. He appears in many novels, comics, and TV shows. Generally a loved character, he is at least one of my favorites.

Q’anah’s Marauders- A pirate group united by the pirate queen Q'anah that were active prior to the Battle of Naboo (TPM). They are in the book Tarkin by James Luceno. To avoid spoilers I will leave it at that.

Parth Spit- This is lost on me, could not find information based on this.

Ub-dub/Squalsh- I could be wrong, but this may just be pirate slang or Sy Bysti. No results in the databases I have access to, I'm only human.

Cartherston- A city on Keitum.

Keitum- A planet in the Mid Rim near Ansion.

Uba- A planet in the Mid Rim. Not highly regarded by the pirates.

Barsa- Sector in the Mid Rim.

Ub-dub/Squalsh- Sorry, didn't want you to know this if you were reading along :)

Trapos- slang for trading posts in Sy Bysti

Culoss- Thrawn just has to figure out everything! Culoss is what Angel renamed Q'anah's Marauders, because they were without Q'anah (Q).

Chapter 10

Juahir Madras- Her story will be told among these pages…

Caf- Don't you just love how Star Wars changes just a few letters to replicate things in AGFFA? This a version of coffee.

Core Square- Another name for the Federal District of Coruscant where the elites and politicians live and hang out. Arihinda just got relocated to.

Bash- The Bartanish Sector that Pryce lives in now.

Wapsbur- Stay away from spice (and death sticks)!!

Spice- a drug in AGFFA (has multiple variations with different potencies).

Ascension Week- The week of festivities leading up to Empire Day.

Empire Day- Celebrated annually on the day Palpatine declared himself Emperor. Celebration and attendance to festivities was mandatory throughout the Empire. Celebrations often include- fireworks, parades, and an address from the Emperor. Also makes appearances in the Ahsoka novel and Rebels

Moffs- Moffs were governors of sectors of the galaxy. They were a pretty powerful bunch. Earlier mentioned Grand Moff Tarkin was the first to be promoted to Grand Moff. Moffs had Insignia plaques with 5 blue squares on top of 3 blue and 2 gold.

Sestra Towers- luxury towers close the Federal District.

Undisputed center of the galaxy, both politically and socially- Technically not the center of the galaxy from a celestial point of view. Coruscant is actually a bit north of the center of the galaxy. Deep Core is the center of the galaxy.

Driller MarDapp- A human male. We will let his story be told here.

Alisandre Hotel- A fancy pants hotel in the Federal District.

Tooka- A feline species that were common across the galaxy. Some kept tookas as pets while others viewed them as nuisances. Natural hunters, but easily tamed. There are many different species of tookas through the galaxy and they come in many different colors and varieties.

Moff Ghadi- An important Moff from the Tangenine Inner Rim territory, his story will be told on these pages.

Swirlydip- What drink isn’t better with alcohol?

LeisureMech C5- A high end bartender droid. There are many different types of bar-tending droids in the galaxy created exclusively for the purpose of making/serving drinks. Not welcome in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Polstine spice- A potent type of spice.

Chapter 11

Kril’dor- A planet known for mining Tibanna gas in the Uba System.

Nightswan- What shall Thrawn learn about Nightswan? We shall see.

Ugnaughts- Native to the planet Gentes. Widely regarded as hardest working species in the galaxy. They have been sold into slavery among much of the galaxy. They first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back on Cloud City. Arguably the most famous Ugnaught is Kuiil from The Mandalorian, I have spoken.

Topple’s- A restaurant that employed Jauhir.

Walt- Manager of Topple’s.

Culper- Ghadi’s aid.

Tangenine sector- Inner Rim sector governed by Moff Ghadi.

Inner Rim- Located between colonies and expansion regions.

Thunder Wasp- Arquitens-class light cruiser.



Proam Avenue Citizen Assistance- DMV of Coruscant.

Nariba- Stereotypical DMV worker.

Rimma- Rimma was a major trade route that connected Eriadu, Sullist, and intersected with Hydian Way (another hyperspace route).

Chapter 12

Alfren Cheno- Human male commander of Thunder Wasp.

Iridium- A precious metal, often used as payment.

Gungan- The native inhabitants of Naboo. Gungans are a sentient amphibious species. Generally, they lived in underwater cities. Introduced in The Phantom Menace, the most famous Gungan is Jar Jar Binks.

Makorr- Aquatic predator.

Vulture Droid- Self piloting starfighters used by the CIS during the Clone Wars. Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I was their full name. They also had a ground based fight mode.

TIE fighters- The flagship starfighter of the Empire. Iconic for their howling sound and hexagonal wings. TIE fighters were quick, agile ships with little defense. They used their numbers to their advantage.

Umbara- Known as the Shadow World because sunlight never reaches the surface. The planet was in the Republic, but joined the Separatists during the war.

ISD Foremost- Imperial-class Star destroyer.

Carlou Gendling- Human male Admiral in Navy. Commands the Foremost.

Corvettes- A small starship. They were large enought to hold a small crew. They often were support ships to capital ships.

Senior Lieutenant Hammerly- Human Female. We will watch her career with great interest.

Starboard-aft Quarter- Back right quarter of the ship.

Chapter 13

Dorsal- Top part of the ship (ventral is bottom).

Raider-Class Corvettes- A Raider-class II was the ship of Inferno Squad in Battlefront II

Chapter 14

Chrono- The word clock isn’t cool enough for Star Wars.

Pinnacle- A restaurant that is close to the top of Coruscant.

Yinchom Dojo- one of many dojos on Coruscant.

Higher Skies Group- The advocacy group that Driller works for. Also, how was Driller not the mining expert for their group? With name like that c'mon.

Ottlis Dos- Bodyguard with an important, unnamed boss.

Chapter 15

Nubia- A planet that was home to many droid factories. R2-D2 was a droid built there. Padmé’s ship, the shiny one, was of Nubian design.

Circle Bay- A city on Nubia.

Togorian- A sentient, feline species. They spoke with a slight hiss, had back jointed legs, and short fur.

H’sishi- A Togorian female who runs the Yinchom Dojo.

Officers Roenton and Brook- Two human male ISB agents.

Chapter 16

Universal Connection- 411 for the government of the Empire.

Gilroy Plaza Diner- A 50’s looking diner.

Chapter 17

Tusklan- A creature that was difficult, possibly from the same planet as the Chiss?

Afe- A clan of Cyphari on the planet Cyphar, led by Chief Joko.

Cyphari- Tall skinny sentient species native to Cyphar. They had short fur and resembled stick insects.

Mayor Pord Benchel

Lenora Scath

Brigte Polcery

Clay Tanoo-

Chief Joko- Leader of the Cephari Afe clan on Cyphar.

Airspeeders- A repulsorlift vehicle that traveled through the air.

Chapter 18

Landspeeders- Speeders that hovered slightly above the land.

Scarn- A key ingredient to make spice.

Gimm- Wait just a bit for the payoff!

Electrobinoculars- A viewing device that helped view far away objects. Electrobinoculars enhanced images through a built in computer (macrobinoculars don’t have enhanced images).

Binders- Handcuffs of AGFFA.

Osgoode- Weapons officer aboard Thunder Wasp.

Chapter 19

Lady Teeyr Hem- Phindian female. Wife to Senator Hem.

Phindian- Sentient reptilian humanoid spcecies. Green skin with yellow eyes.

Senator Hem- Male Phindian senator.

Governor Tarkin- We have introduced Tarking already, but this time he is referred to as governor. He responds to both titles. This description makes even me scared of Tarkin.

Governor Nasling’s- A governor, we don’t know where.

Senator Xurfel- A female senator, we don’t know where.

Senator Evidorn- A senator that we don’t know about species or homeworld.

Kaniki- Bodyguard with a bad attitude.

The ISD Chimaera

The Chimeara insignia on the bottom of the Chimeara.

Chapter 20

Senior Comm Officer Lomar- Human male aboard the ISD Chimera

Karyn Faro- Human female aboard the ISD Chimera.

Ayer- A major in the Stormtrooper Corp aboard the ISD Chimera.

Troop Transport Sempre- This description does not lead us to any specific ship.

Castilus- Again, the description does not lead us to a specific ship.

V - 19 starfighters- Sometimes called V-19 Interceptors or Torrent.

Bulkheads- Vertical walls that separate parts of a ship. There main use it to be able to seal ships if there is a breach in the hull.

Wookiees- A humanoid ape species from the planet Kashyyk. The most famous Wookie is a Chewbacca. Wookies are a noble, tribal species. They stand well over 2 meters tall and are covered by long brown fur. Many Wookies were captured and taken as slaves during the time of the Galactic Empire.

Kashyyyk- Homeworld to Wookies. Kashyyyk is covered with forest made up of wroshyr trees. Kashyyyk was heavily mined by the Empire.

Alderaan- Homeworld to Princess Leia. Blown up by the Empire using the Death Star.

Lansend Twenty-Six- An Imperial space station.

Baklek Base- Imperial Military base along the supply route to the Death Star.

Colonel Zenoc- A female human in charge of Lansend Twenty-Six.

Chapter 21

Maketh Tua- We will let her story be told here. For more Maketh Tua check out Rebels.

Commandant Aresko- Also in Rebels, Cumberlayne Aresko is a human male who served the Empire on Lothal.

Anx- Sentient reptilian species from the planet Gravlex Med. The blade-like appendage on their head could change colors depending on the mood of the individual.

Eccos- A female Anx who worked for Pryce Mining.

Shusugaunt- A language from the Shusugaunt planet/system (a system in the Outer Rim).

Kintoni- Another Outer Rim planet.

Holocomm- The device for sending/receiving hologram messages or calls.

Sanz- Human female governor of Kintoni.

Major Hartell- Female ISB agent.

Chapter 22

Eriadu- A planet in the Outer Rim Territories. Notably the homeworld of Grand Moff Tarkin. Located near the Hydian Way and Rimma Trade routes. Tarkin’s ship the Carrion Spike is named after a plateau with a deadly environment.

Jok Donassius- Male human. A fleet admiral commands more than one fleet. They rank above the admirals (admirals are sometimes called flag officers).

Quesl- Male human governor of Botajef.

Botajef- Outer Rim Planet. Homeworld of the Jefi species. Located near the intersection of two major hyperspace trade routes. Botajef is home to Botajef Shipyards. These shipyards created the ship that Anakin and Padme use to travel from Coruscant to Naboo in AOTC.

Pyrondi- Female weapons officer aboard the Chimaera

Jefies- A sentient species of the planet Botajef. They were a loyal species that put trust in almost anyone, non Jefies included, with leadership skills.

Boondoggles- No, this is not a word specific to Star Wars, but it is a mighty fun word which means- work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value. Show off and use it sometime.

Starfighter Commander Yve- Human female in charge of TIEs aboard the Chimaera.

Chapter 23

CR90 corvettes- This ship is most recognizable as the Tantive IV, the ship Princess Leia is on at the beginning of ANH. Built by the esteemed Corellian Engineering Corporation who also built the YT-1300 (the Millenium Falcon). They were a major shipbuilder that built a number of recognizable ships in AGFFA (too many to list).

V-19 Torrent- Same V-19 as before, just referenced using a different name.

Code cylinders- Those pen looking things in the pockets of Imperial officers. Code cylinders carry coded information about the individual and grant them access to confidential information or places. The number of code cylinders varies from title to title. Admiral Piet (picutered) has three code cylinders. If you look to Commandant Aresko in chapter 22 you will see he only has 2.

One Oh Third and One Twenty-Fifth task forces- Task forces were groups of military personnel, ships, and equipment (both navy and army)assigned to deal with special operations. Typically assigned to a Star Destroyer, but a task force might include an ISD along with various support ships. The One Oh Third and One Twenty-Fifth task forces were respectively assigned to Admiral Durril’s ISD Judicator and Admiral Kinshara’s ISD Starwalt.

Holoprojector- A device used for transmitting and receiving holomessages or calls. They varied in size, some being small handheld devices up to the size of a whole room.

Admiral Durril- An ambitious male human admiral in the Imperial Navy. We will let his story be told here.

ISD Judicator- Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

Admiral Kinshara- Male human admiral in the Imperial Navy.

ISD Stalwart- Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

Ninety-Sixth Task Force- The task force Thrawn was in charge of during. This task force included two frigates and three Arquitens-class light cruisers—the Flensor, the Shyrack, and the Tumnor.

Flag officer- An admiral in charge of at least one ship.

Governor Restos- Governor of Batonn.

Batonn- Mentioned in Chapter 4. This is where Governor Pryce’s parents are sent. Geography wise it has one big continent with one island west of the mainland.

Governor Wistran- Governor of Denash.

Denash- An Outer Rim planet close to Batonn.

Governor Estorn- Governor of Sammun.

Sammun- An Outer Rim planet close to Batonn.

Admiral Konstantine- Kassius Konstantine is a male human admiral in the Imperial Navy. HIs story starts in this book, but he also appears trying to hunt down the the crew of the Ghost in Rebels

Scrim Island- The island on Batonn west of the main continent.

Ion Cannons- Ion cannons shot ionized particles that would disrupt electronic systems. They could disable entire star ships if they were big enough. Ion canons were first introduced to Star Wars in ESB when the Rebels use the ion cannon blasts as cover to escape Hoth. There were also small ion cannons attached to small star fighters, such as Y-wings.

Cathtron tube- An essential part of an ion cannon.

Shyrack- Arquitens-class light cruiser. This utility ship was used in the Clone Wars by the Repbulic Navy as well by the Empire. Referred to as Jedi light cruiser or Republic light cruiser during the Clone Wars. Shyrack is a creature that often appeared in caves. (in legends they were hairless, eyeless bat-like creatures).

Captain Brento- Female human who was the captain of the Shyrack.

Salvos- A salvo is a military term when all batteries on warship, or group of warships, fire at the same time. It's why in war films people yell fire so much. Proper timing is an important part of a battle strategy.

Chapter 24

Nomad- Nomads were the clean up ships after battles.

Thrugii asteroids- An asteroid belt with a fair amount of mining operations.

Simmco- On of Nightswan’s men.

Marleyvane shipyards- A shipyard on the planet Marleyvane. There is also an Imperial Academy on Marleyvane.

Chapter 25

Flensor and Tumnor- Both Arquitens-class light cruisers of the Ninety Sixth task force. Both are named after Legends creatures. A flensor is a carrion bird from the planet Saki in Hutt Space. Natives on Saki believed it to be a bad omen. A tumnor is also a carrion bird. So basically the ships in under Thrawn's command are named after flying creatures you do not want to run into in the wild.

Creekpath Mining and Refining- A mining facility on Batonn

Paeragosto City- City on the main continent of Batonn.

Dennogra- A planet in the Outer Rim.

Chapter 26

Batonn Defense Force- Stormtroopers on Batonn who reported to Governor Restos.

Blayze Jonoo- Just a made up name.

MAKRID STRING- Wire explosives.

Chapter 27

Mining Guild- A network of miners that work alongside the Galactic Empire. First mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back when Lando claims his operation is too small to be on the radar. He may be a business man now, but he is still finding a way to keep his money!!!

Chapter 28

Arkanian dragons- Dragons from the planet Arkania. Arkania was the site of a battle shortly after the Battle of Endor (when Death Star II is destroyed) between remnants of the Empire and the New Republic.

Demi-husk- We will assume it's a soft fruit. There are no entries in any known databases.

Major Talmege- Human Male who served as a major in the Imperial Navy.

Duggenhei- A transport vessel of an unknown variety.

Death Star- The Empire’s ultra planet sized space station/death ray with the capability of blowing up entire planets. Obviously, from the book you can tell it took a lot of resources and was kept secret for a long time. Only a sleuth like Thrawn could figure out where those supplies were going.

Lord Vader- The one and only Darth Vader. Even if you don’t know Star Wars, you know Darth Vader. Remember, Thrawn claimed to have met Anakin Skywalker. I don't think anyone in the Empire calls Vader Darth, always Lord Vader.


Admiral Ar’alani- A female Chiss Admiral in the Expansionary Defense fleet of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Chiss Defense Fleet- The military of the Chiss Ascendancy. It is comprised of the Expansion Defense Fleet and the Ascendancy Defense Fleet. Notice the word defense. Thrawn was exiled because he wished to attack preemptively, which is not apart of the Chiss military strategy.

The End!

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